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About the PWCAA

The Personal Watercraft Association of Australia (PWCAA) is about bringing together personal watercraft enthusiasts, powersports dealers, and manufacturers interested in protecting and expanding the PWC lifestyle. From education and training to freedom rides, charity events and keeping riders informed of threats to their right to ride.

When you associate with us, you add your voice to the many PWC owners fighting for the freedom to enjoy recreational boating. Don’t wait until your favourite ride is threatened! Take action today by teaming up with the PWCAA and support the group dedicated to protecting your right to ride and helping you to get behind the bars and out on the water more often.

The PWCAA is a club of the AMA. 

About the AMA

The AMA is the Australian Motorboat Association, which is part of the group of AMA clubs including the Australian Motorcar Association and the Australian Motorcycle Association.

The Mission of the AMA clubs is to reduce the risk of injury or death of Australian drivers and riders by providing opportunities for essential skills and knowledge to be learnt at a young age, to be safer at driving and riding at licence age. The Vision is to enhance road and water way safety for Australians, through early and further driving and riding experience.

The AMA achieves its aims by proving education opportunities through programs, sport and recreation activities and establishing training facilities in suitable localities throughout Australia.

Membership to the AMA Clubs entitles members to the benefits of the AMA including the participation in any AMA sanctioned activity or event, organised by the PWCAA or its chapters.

All fundraising activities of the PWCAA, support the Mission and Vision of AMA Charity

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PWCAA Membership

Full (financial) membership is recommended but not required to participate in any pleasure rides promoted by the PWCAA or PWCAA chapter. However, temporary membership is required at a minimum, which is FREE but requires a paper application to be completed prior to every ride and makes the event organisers life more complicated than it has to be. Full membership however, allows riders to sign in quickly and be out on the water far sooner. 

Full membership to the PWCAA is achieved by purchasing a Solo or Family membership with AMA Clubs and by nominating the PWCAA as the members "Home Club". This membership entitles the member to the benefits of the AMA including the participation in any sanctioned activity or event, promoted by the PWCAA, a PWCAA chapter, the Australian Motorist Association (AMA), the Australian Motorcyclist Association (AMA), an AMA division, subsidiary club or chapter, anywhere in Australia.

Full membership makes participating in PWCAA and PWCAA chapter activities and events much easier. If you have current membership, you can just turn up, sign on and ride! If you're not a financial member, you'll need to complete an event registration form, read the terms and conditions, sign an indemnity agreement and do all that other annoying stuff, every time you want to ride.

For membership options please visit 

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